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Sunday, June 26, 2022 
Zheng-He Society of Americas (美洲鄭和學會)
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美京華盛頓美洲鄭和學會主辦卓越講演: 顛覆600年世界史的地圖(英文講座)
Monday, April 19, 2021  22:14:41

Zheng He Society of the Americas 2021 Distinguished Lecture 

"Maps that Turn 600-Year World History Upside Down" by Dr. Siu-Leung Lee

Time: May 15, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Meeting ID: 994 7960 3416   Passcode: 249017 

FREE, limited to 300 participants. Please use computer or TV screens for presentation details.

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The Chinese admiral Zheng He commanded seven major voyages during 1405-1433. In 28 years, he led 200,000 people to explore and map the world some 60 years before Christopher Columbus. In spite of the loss of most of Ming Dynasty documents, the capability and dimension of Zheng He’s ships are saved in writings of Jesuit priests.   

Data analysis of maps from 14th - 18th century proves unequivocally that the Chinese world map Kunyu Wanguo Quantu 坤輿萬國全圖is a result of world survey done by Chinese, not derived from European maps.  

Presented by the Jesuit priest Matteo Ricci to Emperor Wanli in 1602, the map labeled entirely in Chinese depicts America much better than any and all European maps even 200 years later. It has been nicknamed “Impossible Black Tulip” but it is entirely possible. 

The history of cartography and world exploration should be revised to credit the pioneering contribution of Zheng He in globalization of trade and cultural exchange, bringing diversity, harmony and peace to the world.  

Biosketch of the speaker 

Dr. Siu-Leung Lee (李兆良), retired from his career in university teaching and R&D management in biotechnology, was intrigued by some puzzling observations in the history of East-West communication, which led him to a 15-year research of the Pre-Columbian trans-Pacific cultural connections. He has made the shocking conclusion that Chinese not only visited America, they mapped the world before Christopher Columbus. He has lectured at dozens of key universities in the US and China. His three books are in the collection of the US Library of Congress and his research papers referenced by the Vatican librarian’s bibliography. His paper “Chinese Mapped America Before 1430 CE” presented at the 2017 Cartographic Conference is archived at the Harvard University/Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory/NASA Astrophysics Data System.  Dr. Lee has broad interest in Chinese culture including calligraphy, music, literature and history. Since 2014, Dr. Lee has been elected as the President of Zheng He Society of the Americas, Washington DC. 

Sponsored by the Zheng He Society of the Americas (ZHSA; www.zhenghe.org ) , a non-profit, cultural, educational and community organization dedicated to the study of the history and contribution of the Chinese Ming Dynasty Admiral Zheng He and his epic voyages overseas in the 15th Century. 

Donations are welcome and tax deductible. Please mail your check to the following address, payable to ZHSA.  ZHSA, c/o Petrus Chou, 11330 Andrew Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030 (email: plchou@cox.net

 Zoom Meeting hosted by Ken Chong (email: kc488@msn.com).

Zheng He Society of the Americas 2021 Distinguished Lecture

"Maps that Turn 600-Year World History Upside Down" by Dr. Siu-Leung Lee

FREE, limited to 300 participants. Please use computer or TV screens for presentation details.

Time: May 15, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 994 7960 3416   Passcode: 249017

 Join Zoom Meeting hosted by Ken Chong (email: kc488@msn.com).






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Meeting ID: 994 7960 3416   Passcode: 249017



比較地圖分析數據, 毫無疑問地証明《坤輿萬國全圖》是明代中國人自己測繪的,不是來自歐洲地圖。

1602年,耶穌會神父利瑪竇(Matteo Ricci)獻給萬曆皇帝的地圖完全用中文標記,比200年後的所有歐洲地圖更好地描繪了美洲。 西方地圖學家稱為是“不可能的黑色鬱金香”,但這是完全可能的。

明代鄭和在1405-1433年間領導了七次大航海,比哥倫布早60年。二十萬人次,歷經二十八年的勘探,測繪了世界地圖。 儘管大部分明代文獻遺失,耶穌會神父的著作保存了鄭和寳船重要的資料。



李兆良博士從大學教學和生物技術研發管理工作退休後,發現東西方交流史一些令人費解的問題,結果潛心15年,研究前哥倫布時代中國與美洲,跨太平洋地區的文化關係,獲得此驚人結論—中國人不止比哥倫布更早到達美洲,而且測繪了第一份世界地圖。 他曾在美國和中國的數十所重點大學演講。 李兆良著作的三本書被美國國會圖書館收藏,他的研究論文也被梵蒂岡圖書館參考書目引用。 他在2017年地圖學會雙年會議上發表的論文《公元1430年之前的中國測繪美洲》已被收錄于哈佛大學/史密森天體物理觀測站/ 美國宇航局NASA天體物理數據系統。 李博士對中國文化有廣泛興趣,包括書法,音樂,文學和歷史。 2014年開始,他被推舉為華盛頓特區的美洲鄭和學會會長。


Maps that turn world history upside down
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQRTRBkcN8g The YouTube video for my Zoom lecture on May 15, 2021 will have a public premier May 22, 2021, at 9 pm USET. Asian time (mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) on May 23, at 9 am. Please let your friends know so we can all watch together. Comments are welcome.

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